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What We Are All About

Fresh Off The Farm is a Natural Organic Maine Grocery Store and more dedicated to making anything in our power possible for you! We have been A Local Organic Farmers Market Under One Roof Since 1987! We are a Full Service Maine Natural & Organic Grocery Store. We have fully stocked dairy coolers, including meats, cheeses, yogurts, kefir, kombucha, and many other drinks! Our freezers are stocked with a variety of local frozen meat and don't forget about the large selection of Gluten Free breads & treats! We also have plenty of options for ice cream. We have a well stocked section of vitamins, supplements, homeopathic, and herbals. We have a Health and Beauty Section that is filled with Maine Made Treasures along with well known essentials!

Here at Fresh Off The Farm we stock something for every season of the year.

 Plenty of Flowers full of vibrant color! Plenty of Beautiful Pumpkins, Jack B's, Gourds, Blue Hubbard Squash, Fresh Turkeys, Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Tulips, Daffodils, etc!

So Welcome!

Browse the site for more information and Contact us if you have any questions! 

Fresh Produce

Our Produce is always FRESH. Our Produce is Local when possible, when it's not possible we carefully order nothing but the Best in and out of the Country. When fresh produce arrives, we carefully inspect it and only offer up the best of what we receive, ensuring The Freshest Produce Around!

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